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5 Unbeatable MUST HAVE Kitchen Goods

Did you ever buy cheap utensils that in a matter of weeks or even days have broken apart? If so, you’re not alone, millions of people are just not aware of good quality products. That’s why at Unbeatable Goods we’re committed to present you with trustworthy reviews about Best Sellers, Must Have and much more!

We’ve chosen 5 cool products from OXO, a USA manufacturer since 1990 that provides excellent quality and price. And their specialty… is kitchen hardware!


#1 – OXO Cherry & Olive Pitter

The cherry and the olive are two fruits whose flavor profiles are very different from each other. But they share a common problem – their pesky pits. But they share the same solution – The OXO Cherry and Olive Pitter.

This tool has a Splatter Shield which protects your work area from juice splatters. It also ensures easy cleaning and removal of left overs.

This OXO kitchen essential also has a sturdy die cast construction which enables the removal of pits with ease.

Its generous holder can hold large cherries, but is also recessed to secure tinier varieties of olives and cherries. It locks close for easy storage.


#2-  OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Utensils Set

This OXO kitchen set includes 9 inch tongs with nylon heads, a nylon flexible turner and a spatula. The nylon heads of the tongs and the turner are heat resistant.

The spatula, which is made of silicon, is likewise heat resistant too, and won’t warp, discolor or melt.

This 3 piece set is best for use on non stick cookware and are dishwasher safe. Each of the tools have polished edges that slide around pans and bowls. Grip, turn and cook easily with these 3 OXO kitchen essentials.


#3  OXO Etched Ginger & Garlic Grater

Whole Ginger and Garlic roots are difficult to grate without the right kitchen tools.

But you’re going to enjoy cooking with roots and spices using this OXO kitchen tool. You can grate garlic and ginger and transform them into a fine paste with minimal effort. Its high and etched stainless steel teeth are also effective for grating horseradish and turmeric.

Its snap on cover scrapes up the paste but keeps your hands clean. Its soft non slip handle gives you a trustworthy and comfortable grip. It is also dishwasher safe.


# 4. OXO non-Stick Rolling Pin.

This OXO kitchen essential (12 inches) is perfect for the preparation process before making biscuits, pies, cookies and more. It’s non stick coating also enables you to work with it with effortless food release.

Its raised handles keeps your hands away from the surfaces. And its contoured design enables you to keep a comfortable grip.

This stainless steel rolling pin can be pre chilled to keep your dough from getting warm. For hassle free pie crusts and cookie dough, this OXO kitchen tool is best for you.

It is the best partner tool for the home baker.


#5 – OXO Silicone Dough Rolling Bag

This OXO kitchen gadget rolls perfectly round crusts for pizzas, pies, etc. Its zippered and enclosed bag design keeps both your rolling pins and countertops clean.

Its food safe silicone material is non stick for easy dough release. It has measurement markings that are easy to comprehend and ensure consistent crusts. Its 14 inch diameter size is ideal for 9 inch pie plates.

The company is that good that If ever you experience an issue with any OXO products you can contact the customer support for replacement or repair purposes. Most probably the will send you a brand new one!

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Enjoy Your Shopping!


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